Tulum after kids

When the girls are 2 years and 10 months old, respectively, we head back to Tulum. The place still looks spectacular, albeit with signs of creeping overdevelopment.

Things you need to worry about on flight to Cancun: children wandering off, children being hungry, children needing to go the bathroom, children needing diapers changed, children eating snack off of airport floor.

Chapter One: How You Are

“We had a room in this beautiful hotel on the beach and our own miniature pool in the backyard. Pre-kids, I could not have imagined a more luxurious indulgence. Post-two-kids-two-years-old-and-under, I could not have imagined a more alluring death trap. Even you two looking in the direction of the pool made me nervous.”

Alessandra has a cold going into the trip, so she’s a bit cranky. And Sofia has an almighty tantrum that she ends up passing out on a beach bed. We leave her there for hours.

Chapter 1: How You Are

“The beach was no different. It was a constant battle to protect you: slather sunblock, block your path into an oncoming wave, make sure you weren’t eating sand, etc.”

Have you ever tried to drag a stroller through wet sand? Seriously, have you? Because I made Sarah do it every time.

Another beautiful death trap.

Beautiful death trap at night.

This is what the 4 members of the Hsu household look like when 2 of the kids are continually crying during the night.

But then you have these moments, when your child is sitting quietly and looking into the sea …

… and they’re discovering dogs …

… and bothering them …

… and learning how to swim …

… and interacting like loving siblings.

Chapter One: How You Are

“And to be completely truthful—and not because I needed to provide some justification—these moments provided me with the type of happiness I had not experienced before as a single guy.”

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