Mark’s Story

I started writing when my girls were four and three years old. At first, it was done whenever I had free time—waiting for and while on flights, between court appearances, on the subway, a random weekend afternoon, etc… , it was incredibly important to put my values and lessons down on paper. I wrote the words, then tried to practice what I preached, and because those words were fresh in my head, repeated them to the girls while I was writing.

Mark Hsu

Imagine your plane is going down. Prayer is useless. Fiery death awaits.

Now imagine your children. The hours spent feeding, giggling, changing diapers, soothing tantrums, gazing into eyes…all will fade from their memories until you’re just a name.

What would you tell them? What advice would you give—the unwritten, hard-earned lessons to prepare them for life’s challenges?

Well, Mark Hsu was never in a plane crash, but his crippling fear of being in one led to Please Open in the Event of My Death.

In this insightful and often hilarious memoir, Mark, a litigation partner in New York City, describes his transition from Clown About Town to a doting father of two girls. He recounts his fascinating youth spent around the world as the only child of a deep-cover CIA spy. And he draws upon his work experience, sports and pop culture to provide practical and astute advice for modern times. Being likeable, succeeding at work, overcoming fear, surviving heartbreak, raising kids—these life hacks and more, applicable to anyone, are in Please Open In the Event of My Death, just in case something horrible happens … which hopefully it won’t.


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